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    Join the Rebellion to take on the security forces of an anti-leisure tyranny, and rise up to the many challenges of a futuristic open world.

    Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe

    PS4, Switch

    Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe is a permadeath multiplayer horror beat-em-up that lets players fight as retro gaming heroes against hordes of undead creatures.

    Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix

    PS4, Switch

    Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is the latest entry in a classic strategy RPG series which lets you unleash your tactical prowess across an epic, challenging campaign.

    Mantis Burn Racing

    PS4, Switch

    Mantis Burn Racing is a modern top-down style racing game that combines physics-based gameplay with intuitive arcade racing in highly competitive, fast and addictive races.

    Ministry of Broadcast


    Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative-driven single player cinematic platformer mixing Orwell's 1984 with modern reality TV. A country divided by The Wall; to cross it and reach your family, you must compete on - and win - a reality TV show broadcast by the Regime.

    Horizon Chase Turbo

    PS4, Switch

    Featuring a fresh, stylized take on old-school 16-bit visuals, 4-player local multiplayer, over 100 tracks spread across dozens of locations, and a thumping soundtrack from industry legend Barry Leitch, Horizon Chase Turbo is ready to take you for a ride!

    Cytus Alpha


    CYTUS α is a rhythm game featuring a futuristic graphical style, which includes more than 200 songs from the original CYTUS and new tracks created for CYTUS α.

    WILL: A Wonderful World

    PS4, Switch

    WILL: A Wonderful World delivers a unique mechanic in which you influence a variety of characters and their narratives, attempting to find the best solution for all of those in need.

    OPUS Collection


    Two heartwarming space odysseys in one package comprise the OPUS Collection. Includes OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers.



    Deemo is a music rhythm game that centers around the mystifying relationships between Alice and Deemo.

    The Switch version features an exclusive Labo Piano mode.

    Just Skate

    iOS, Android, Amazon

    Choose your favorite Justin Bieber and just skate! Olly through various themed levels, earn coins, WIN WEEKLY PRIZES and gain momentum while your favorite JB songs play.

    Mercenaries Saga Chronicles


    Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is a tactical role-playing game that consists of a collection of the three entries in the Mercenary Saga games; Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions, Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle and Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War.



    Embark on a musical journey from the creators of Deemo!


    Switch, PS4, PS Vita

    A new hit indie rhythm game from I-Inferno featuring hardcore classic gameplay mechanics!

    iOS, Android

    Help Ayesha and Stephen race around the kitchen to prepare and serve meals for the hungry customers.

    Conga Master

    PS4, Xbox One, Switch

    Dance to the boogie with up to 3 other players as you entice party people to your conga line!


    PS4, Xbox One, Switch

    SUPERBEAT: XONiC comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a brand new package complete with over 65 songs!

    Deemo: The Last Recital

    PS Vita

    The mobile hit sensation with over 16 million downloads comes to the PS Vita in this heart-wrenching urban fantasy story brought to life with gorgeous hand-drawn artwork and beautiful piano melodies.


    iOS, Android

    Fast Ball-istic Fun!
    Time your taps and make your Wonderballs blast through the walls!

    PS Vita

    The new rhythm game franchise from the creators of the DJMAX series. Your favorite beat matching gameplay reinvented for the touch screen interface.


    iOS, Android

    Nitty is your new social marketplace application where users can create and join communities to chat, comment and trade on your shared passions.


    iOS, Android

    E-Sports For The Win! Watch your favorite E-Sports matches live and bet on your favorite teams to win virtual prizes.


    iOS, Android, Web

    Bet on your favorite sports and compete against others for prizes!


    iOS, Android

    Mix and match trendy looks on your favorite Fashionistas® dolls in the Dressing Room and create your own custom designs in the Design Studio!

    DJMAX Technika


    The DJMAX franchise hits the arcade scene with over 60 songs and the first global online network known as Platinum Crew.

    DJMAX Portable 3


    The number one PSP music franchise returns with an all-new remixing system and over 40 new songs.

    DJMAX Fever


    The #1 music game for the PSP system in Asia comes to America in its most complete form ever.

    Strikers 1945 Plus


    The classic arcade shooter reborn for the new generation! Join the popular 1945 strike-force in an all-out war against the invading aliens.



    “Fingering has never been so fun”
    Score 9.5/10 Destructoid




    “A solid rhythm game without frills”
    Score 8.5/10 PSNation



    "SUPERBEAT: XONiC is the spiritual successor of DJMAX"

    Score 9.0/10 PlayStation Enthusiast



    SUPERBEAT: XONiC Metacritic

    82% Metacritic



    “Gamespot users seem to love this title with an average score of 9.6”
    “If you’re a rhythm game junkie like me,
    DJMAX Portable is quite possibly the best game you can get on your PSP”



    “The real hook to DJMAX was the wealth of content on the UMD”
    Score 8/10 IGN



    “The Korean music game is quite possibly the only music game you’ll ever need on a handheld”

    Joystiq’s Andrew Yoon’s Top Picks of 2010



    “Last year’s DJMAX Fever is still my favorite game on the PSP.”

    Kotaku’s Mike Fahey



    “DJMAX Portable is the best game available on the PSP”

    Score 5/5  MODOJO



    “DJMAX Portable is truly an incredible sensation”

    PSP Fanboy



    “DJMAX is the Best Handheld game ever!”

    Joystiq’s Jared Rea



    “No matter which way you slice it,

    DJMAX Portable is a winner and one of the best reasons to own a PSP right now.”

    95/100  PSX Extreme



    “The drawing and animation is just top notch and really makes me excited

    for the future when Korea develops into a major international game creator.”




    “If you’ve been around the music game block a few times and are at this point looking

    for a good challenge, DJMAX Portable can deliver and then some.”








    2015 Vita Game of the Year





    2015 Vita Game of the Year



    PlayStation Lifestyle


    2015 Vita Game of the Year





    2015 Music Game of the Year





    2010 1st Runner Up

    for Best Rhythm Game of the Year

    DJMAX Portable 3



    2009 Most Popular Game of the Year

    DJMAX Technika

    Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


    2009 Arcade Game of the Year

    DJMAX Technika

    Arcade Heroes


    2009 3rd Place Arcade Game of the Decade

    DJMAX Technika

    Arcade Heroes


    2009 1st Runner Up for Best PSP Music Game

    DJMAX Fever



  • TEAM

    Michael Yum


    Michael found PM Studios in 2007 and worked closely with Pentavision/Neowiz Games to release the number one South Korean PSP game known as DJMAX to gamers all over the world. He followed it up with the hit arcade sensation known as Technika. He recently partnered up with Clarence Avant to form Krew Game Studios for a new console project and is also working on a few mobile titles for PM Studios.


    Peter Jung


    Peter is the CFO and Co-Founder of PM Studios. He loves watching money come in and hates watching it go out.


    David Hung


    David M. Hung spent 15 years in finance specifically in boutique investment banking handling mergers & acquisitions for private and Fortune 500 companies. A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur he has built several technology startups in the gaming and mobile platform space and continues to serve as board member on a number of private technology companies. In his free time you can catch David practicing archery on his compound bow, playing first person shooters with his buddies online, or working on his love of fast automobiles on the race track with his motorsports team World Stage Racing.


    Seong-uk Jeon

    Art Director

    Seong-Uk Jeon also known as Panax to the DJMAX fans was the Art Director for the DJMAX Metro Project which includes titles Technika, Black Square and Clazziquai Edition. Now known simply as Justin, he leads PM Studios' Art Division and oversees all projects as the Art Director.


    Dongpil Lim

    Technical Director

    At a young age, I have always dreamt of making video games. My dream became reality when I landed a job at a video game company where I helped create numerous titles for consoles, PC and arcades. I am currently living in the U.S and working at PM Studios, where I hope to continue my dream of making amazing and successful video games.


    Steven Yum

    Producer / PM

    I love video games. I love playing them, collecting them, and most of all creating them.The first job I landed was at EA Mobile, where I helped to create and release numerous titles under the EA brand as well as learn the process of video game conception. It was an amazing journey. I am now currently working at PM Studios with a fantastic group of people who share the same vision and passion as me.


    Yoonhee Choi

    Lead Artist

    Yoonhee Choi also known as Sarah is an artist specializing in Illustration and Concept arts for video games and print media. Work experience includes at DJMAX Metro Project and some other game dev companies based in Korea, as well as freelance work at fashion magazines and some global fashion brands.

    Jiho Jeong

    Server Architect

    For last decade, I have developed various kinds of software and applied adaptation of server architecture. Also, I have applied systematic development methodology and development technique in all process from demand analysis step to design.

    Hogeun Kang

    Operations Director

    Hogeun is the Operations Director for PM Studios Korea. Hogeun is currently overseeing a new announced project for a Triple A project.

    Federico Perez

    Marketing Manager

    Rhythm Gamer since 1998, after working for years on the IT field he arrives to PM Studios to do what he does best spreading his passion for them. He loves cats and Korean cuisine.


    Matthew Jung

    Project Assistant

    Being a gamer since young, Matt has developed a deep passion for video games. His favorite genres include include sci-fi, shooters, and strategy. During his free time, Matt likes to watch football, play golf, and search for new places to eat in downtown Los Angeles.


    Paul Hartling

    Marketing Coordinator

    Paul came from writing about rhythm games for over 10 years, to even having an impressive 20+ year history of playing them. He prefers his media physical and will never say no to going out for delicious ramen. Originally from Boston, MA, Paul now lives in Los Angeles, CA and loves his new PM Studios family.

    Larry Yaffe


    Larry is the IT guy. When something breaks or goes down, he's the guy we yell at. ^_^