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WILL: A Wonderful World - Willy Plushie

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Product Details
Release Date: October 2019
Developer: WMY Studio
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Players: 1 Player

WILL: A Wonderful World - Plushie

Brand-new being a exclusive bonus gift included in the game Limited Edition, now it's available for purchase individually exclusively through our Online Store.


  • 'WILL: A Wonderful World' 7" Willy Plushie

About WILL: A Wonderful World:

WILL: A Wonderful World features a fantastical tale and cast. A quiet nerd stuck in a hopeless, one-sided crush. An impoverished artist who’s lost all hope and contemplates suicide. A rookie police officer who burns with justice, waiting impatiently for his first big case. A young woman desperately chasing her dreams against all odds. Even a stray cat who would be satisfied with a dinner of dried fish!

Dive deep into the story and learn about those that seek out your help but remember: Changing someone’s fate will affect others. Experience each story, edit letters, and solve puzzles; perhaps the young girl’s memory will return, but what will she learn about herself and her mission? You must guide their fates, uncover the links between the storylines, and find the best path for all of those in need. WILL: A Wonderful World blends its imaginative story with fantastic presentation, featuring colorful artwork and a delightful soundtrack.

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