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Extremely Powerful Capybaras Plushie Steam Bundle - Capy-druid

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Guess what's capy-tivating? The Capy-Druid Plushies are now snugly awaiting you at the PM Studios Store!! We were over the moon (or should we say, over the riverbank?) seeing the excitement for our Capy-Druid plushies during PAX from our amazing community! So, for all our Capy-friends who wished upon a water lily for these plushies but couldn't make it to PAX, your wishes are now granted!

This bundle includes a Plushie and Steam key for "Extremely Powerful Capybaras". Please note that the key will be sent to you via a message on your receipt when the Plushie is shipped. The Steam key will not be active until Dec 5, 2023 but your plushie will be shipped right away.

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