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Deemo: The Last Recital - PS Vita (LRG Exclusive)

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Product Details
UPC: 636676492032
Release Date: May 16, 2017
Developer: Rayark
Genre: Rhythm/Music
Players: 1 Player

Deemo: The Last Recital

Enter an immersive musical fantasy world on the Nintendo Switch with Deemo: The Last Recital. It has beautifully animated scenes to reveal the story of a musician's quest to restore a mysterious girl's lost memory, and the eclectic piano selection ensures challenging rhythm-based game play. Deemo: The Last Recital has three difficulty settings for all player skill levels.

  • Deemo is a music rhythm game that centers around the mystifying relationship between Alice and Deemo. The game progresses as Deemo plays and completes musical piano scores in order to help Alice return back to her world.
  • A brilliant collection of music styles and genres are available in both instrumental and vocal music formats. For those seeking an extra challenge, all playable songs feature a number of difficulty levels and customizable note speed.
  • Musical connection: Play Deemo (literally) with the Nintendo Labo Piano to dive into the game's truly musical world.
  • Heartfelt rhythms: More than 100 captivating songs from a variety of composers and genres await you. Let the melody of the piano soothe your soul.
  • Three difficulty modes: Start with the beginning easy mode and work all the way up to hard mode to test your sense of rhythm via simple, intuitive gameplay
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